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HO HO HO ... Hold on to your compass ... SATURDAY 4th DECEMBER 2021


Flyer 2021 Christmas Latest CROP


Litchfield Education Centre (opposite Buley Rockhole in Litchfield NP)

This event is about providing training and mentoring in navigation and map reading, in a supportive environment.  Saturday arvo will be a fun, 4 hour rogaine where participants can practice compass use, navigation techniques and map-to-ground principles under the guidance of more experienced rogainers.  Saturday evening - enjoy a Xmas themed dinner while the results from the rogaine are announced.  Debrief about the day's events.  Camp the night under the stars and wake up in the morning for an egg-n-bacon brekky.  Keen participants can then put their skills to the test by retrieving the previous day's controls from the bush?!

Showers and toilets on site, grassy camping areas, huge undercover shade shed, local swimming hole.

Limited numbers, so get in quick.  See entry form below.  ENTRIES CLOSE ON THURSDAY 2nd DECEMBER!


9:00am   Gates open if you would like to come down early to get setup and relax.

12:30pm   Welcome to the event, housekeeping, announcement of the “Mystery Teams”.

1:00pm   Maps handed out.

2:00pm   EVENT OPEN. Teams can choose to start any time from now and must return to the Hash House within 4 hours of their start time. All teams must be back by 7:00pm at the latest, regardless of start time.

7:00pm   EVENT CLOSED.

7:40pm   BBQ roast dinner with vegetables and all the trimmings. Christmas pudding and custard for dessert. Reading of the “Mystery Teams” rogaining results, handing out of prizes, Secret Santa.


Santa with O Map


Download this file (Flyer 2021 Christmas Latest CROP.jpg)Flyer 2021 Christmas Latest CROP.jpg[Flyer - Knollwell 2021]653 kB
Download this file (NTRA Entry Form - Knollwell 2021.pdf)NTRA Entry Form - Knollwell 2021.pdf[Entry Form - Knollwell 2021]497 kB

 NTRA welcomes you to its next Metrogaine event to be held on:



Fyler OMO October Resize


Come and explore the areas around Hidden Valley, Winnellie, Charles Darwin and Bayview.


WALK or RUN = 6 hr Bakers Shuffle or 3 hr Half Baked

CYCLE = 4 hr Bikers Brew


ENTRY FORM can be found below!  Please read the Indemnity information on the entry form (it's a separate tab on the Excel entry form, or the second page on the PDF entry form).  All team members must read and agree to the Indemnity before an entry form can be accepted by the Event Manager.


Send entries to:    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Late entries will incur an additional fee.


Proudly sponsored by One Mile Brewery (Winnellie), Outback Bakery (Fannie Bay) and The NT General Store (Darwin City).

Download this file (OMO Entry Form.pdf)OMO Entry Form.pdf[ ]1249 kB
Download this file (OMO Entry Form.xlsx)OMO Entry Form.xlsx[ ]89 kB

Flyer Coolmarley Classic 3 1


This event is a CLASSIC BUSH ROGAINE set in the historic Coomalie Region, about an hour south of Darwin. The objective of the rogaine is to amass the highest score by finding checkpoints in the bush within a set time limit.

Teams of two to five members travel entirely on foot, navigating with the aid of a topographic map and handheld compass. Teams select their own order of visiting checkpoints, in varied terrain. The classic rogaine includes both day and night navigation. Teams can return to the Hash House for rest, food and socialising as often as they wish.

The Hash House for the Coolmarley Classic Bush Rogaine is located at Coomalie Creek Farm (along the road to the Coomalie Landing Ground, just south of the Bachelor turn-off).

Choose from two events:


The north and south and east and west, so you better look your best! Tuck those dreadlocks into your Rasta cap and get set for the long haul, because this event runs midday to midnight. Everything’s gonna be all right, mon!


Rack up a maximum of 6 hours on the course, anytime within the midday to midnight window. Then chill out, enjoy some red, red wine, and don’t worry ‘bout a thing! Keep calm and love rogaine, mon!

Maps out from 9:00am. Free camping on site. Dinner and breakfast included in your entry fee! PRIZE for the best dreadlocks!!!!


1. The Entry Form is below.

2. Select your preferred event on the Entry Form. Complete all of the BLUE sections on the Entry Form. Then email your completed form back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

3. ALL ENTRIES for this event close at 11:00pm on Tuesday 15th June 2021.


We can help! Let us know which event you would like to do, your age / fitness level and how experienced you are with navigation. Please also include a demo tape of your reggae singing and dancing abilities. (Okay, just kidding on that last one)!

Download this file (CC Entry Form.pdf)CC Entry Form.pdf[ ]595 kB
Download this file (CC Entry Form.xlsx)CC Entry Form.xlsx[ ]58 kB

Hunger Moon Monsoon Metrogaine


Saturday, 27 February 2021

A Hunger Moon Monsoon Metrogaine

This event is a metrogaine and uses the principles of rogaining in an urban setting. Teamwork, strategic planning and map reading are features of the sport.


Teams of 2 to 5 people choose which map checkpoints to visit within a designated time limit, with the intent of maximizing their score. It can be a wild walk, fun run or radical ride as teams plan their strategy and move through the course using the map provided. Great exercise for both the body and the mind!

A Hunger Moon Monsoon Metrogaine starts and finishes at the Knuckey Lagoon Scout Hall on Brandt Road. The event covers bush and urban environments around Karama, Holmes Jungle and surrounds, Micket Creek, Thorak, Pinelands, Berrimah, and of course Knuckey Lagoon.

Course setters have attempted to keep everyone on solid ground throughout their chosen event, using as much of the natural bush available whilst staying out of the mud wherever possible. Route choice will be the key to being efficient with time and aggregation of points. Control points will be a mix of multiple-choice questions and traditional hanging controls.


THREE events are on offer:

EVENT (1) Walk or Run - 6 Hour HIKER
Get plucky with Knuckey because there are no shortcuts to any place worth going!
Maps out at 13:00. Teams will start at 15:00 and must be back by 21:00.
EVENT (2) Walk or Run - 3 Hour GAITER
A great event for families, or those preferring a more recreational rogaine.
Maps out at 13:30. Teams will start at 15:30 and must be back by 18:30.
EVENT (3) Cycle - 4 Hour BIKER
For all the cyclopaths out there! Put your peloton together and grease up your cranks.
Maps out at 14:30. Teams will start at 16:30 and must be back by 20:30.


Our wonderful volunteer catering team will have a BBQ dinner, cold drinks, fruit and cake available at the Hash House (Knuckey Lagoon Scout Hall) between 18:00 and 21:30.


What you need to know:

  • The EXCEL Entry Form is below, or you can find it on the website at
  • Select your preferred event on the Entry Form. Complete all of the BLUE sections on the Entry Form. Then email your completed form back to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • SAVE SOME BUCKS! Early Bird entries close at 11pm on Friday 19th February 2021.
  • All entries close at 11pm on Wednesday 24th February 2021.
  • Your entry fee includes a BBQ dinner and the costs of course setting, vetting, maps, insurance, safety equipment and administration.


If you cannot compete and still want to be part of this fun metrogaine event, we would love to have your help on the day / in the evening with administration and/or catering. Please contact us if you are available (see contact methods below).

If you have any questions about this event or about rogaining in general, please feel free to send us a message via email or our Facebook page (NT Rogaining Association). Additional information can also be found on our website.

  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 27th February 2021 for A Hunger Moon Monsoon Metrogaine.


HAPPY HUNGER GAMES . . . and may the odds be ever in your favour!

Download this file (HMMM Entry Form.pdf)HMMM Entry Form.pdf[Hunger Moon Monsoon Metrograine - Entry Form]593 kB
Download this file (HMMM Entry Form.xlsx)HMMM Entry Form.xlsx[Hunger Moon Monsoon Metrograine - Entry Form]56 kB
Download this file (HMMM_flyer.jpg)HMMM Flyer.jpg[Flyer]931 kB

5th September 2020

In this year of isolation and restrictions, we have not had a lot to look forward to, but now we are pleased to announce an event to add straight to your diary!

Rad and very Red Rangers Roundtown Roguegaine 

On September 5th 2020, the NTRA will be holding their second event of the year;

A Rad and very Red Rangas Roundtown Roguegaine!


Starting from Mindil Beach, the Metrogaine event will cover both bush and urban environments with the course spanning from East Point reserve through to the city, and out to Winnellie and Coconut Grove. There will be hanging controls as well as multiple-choice selections to find as you make your way around the course. You can do it on foot, walking or running, or on your bike or e-bike!


Choose from one of three events:

  • Walk or run the;
    • 3 hour ‘Rangas Rover’,    OR
    • 6 hour ‘U need your head read’,    OR
  • Ride the;
    • 4 Hour ‘Bluey Biker’.


Metrogaines are sporting events based around the urban environment, in line with the guiding principle of Rogaining. Teamwork, strategic planning and map reading are features of the sport.

Teams of 2-5 people choose which checkpoints to visit within a time limit with the intent of maximizing their score. Call it a fun run, walk or ride, you and your team will move through the course using the map provided as determined by your team’s strategy.

A great way to exercise both mind and body.

Entry fees include BBQ Dinner. More details to come shortly.

Download this file (RRR5SEPT.jpg)RRR5SEPT.jpg[RRR Flyer]1332 kB
Download this file (RRTR Entry Form.xlsx)RRTR Entry Form.xlsx[Entry Form]58 kB